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Global Games Network is aiming to recast the adult games industry by creating AAA games for PC & MAC based on complex and captivating stories.
Taste of Seduction: the first and most popular 3D RPG project brings a breath of fresh air to the industry by combining spying and real-life struggles into a sexual adventure. 
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Support our project on Patreon, get more benefits and customize the game as you want. 
At this early bird stage of the project you can get: Game assets customization, custom characters, custom sexual actions and a lot of surprises. Hurry up. The offer is limited. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the porn games industry with a series of AAA projects that bring to the porn site, the quality, dynamics,  complex stories as in giant games. 
The second goal is to extend our projects to multiple devices such as VR and Mobile devices
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